About our founder and mission.

As a Registered Consultant of the Canada Regulatory Council Amit Bansal is the driving force behind Oasis Immigration. Amit Bansal has been an entrepreneur in various industries within Canada for over 10 years. From IT to Immigration, Amit Bansal has been passionate about serving his large client base. Over the years, he has frequently found himself in conversations that revolved around the immigration process. As an entrepreneur Amit Bansal realized that he could help people to achieve their dreams. Motivated to educate himself on the immigration process and looking to share his inner passion of helping people improve their lives. Amit Bansal reinvented himself as an accredited member of the ICCRC. By doing the hard work, having a dedication to excellence and with Amit Bansals knowledge of the immigration process in Canada, you're assure to be provided an unforgettable experience as you move towards becoming a Canadian permanent resident, citizen or as a visitor.

As accredited members of ICCRC we ensure that we are giving our clients only the highest standards of service. We are genuine partners of those aspiring to travel abroad and those hoping to settle in a new country. The services we provide are geared towards not being one-time solutions, but to be a comprehensive bouquet of services that will help our clients in a variety of situations.

Oasis Immigration also provides a host of auxiliary services to ensure that our clients will never flounder in search of other service providers. We have a host of post-landing services for our clients to ensure that they don’t want for anything. We are constantly staying updated on changing regulations so the assistance and services we provide will ensure that your process goes as smoothly as possible.

A personal note from Amit Bansal
“I originally immigrated to Canada from India as a PR with my family. I was in Educational business in India for over a decade. I recall the hardship of learning how to adapt to new environments and cultures. Oasis Immigration has proven-methods, supports, and the knowledge needed for you to thrive during your immigration journey. My team considers the whole process of immigration and visas to provide you with the resources you need. We will not walk behind or in front of you, we will walk with you! We will always put your goals as our priority, explain our strategies with a step-by-step breakdown, and communicate with transparency to ensure an experience you can trust.”
With respect, appreciation and regards
Amit Bansal
MD of Oasis Immigration

Oasis Immigration

The name Oasis was inspired the crystal Opalite and by its spiritual meaning, "The Stone of Eternity". The crystal itself is a beautiful, sky blue stone which holds powerful meanings. This stone is one that reveals personal growth, strength and hope while warding off negativity and empowering one’s path with positive energy and resilience. Each Opalite is unique like our individual paths. A person’s immigration journey is unique, but rest assured that Oasis will illuminate your every step with guidance, trust, and hope!

Amit Bansal